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Do you have a family law dispute? If so, there are various questions that may be running through your mind such as: What will happen to my family, children, income and assets? How do I protect myself? The Lawyers at The Levine Law Firm LLC. understand the difficulty of experiencing family problems, divorce and custody battles. It is taxing on one's emotions and can lead to many disputes. We are here to ease the stress and make the process a bit easier. Our Lawyers are trained to handle family situations better than any other.

If you have a family law case, our experienced attorneys can help you. Levine Lawyers offers the highest quality representation in family law cases such as:

With over 30 years of experience, Levine Lawyers are here to help you with your case to help relieve all your stress. Contact us with your family law problem and we will do our best to help you figure out the best suitable solution for your problem. Our lawyers will directly deal with you to help protect you and your family with legal disputes.

Divorce Lawyers in NJ

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Divorce Lawyers in NJ | Divorce Attorney Service NJ | Family Lawyer in NJ