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Restrictive Covenant Attorney in New Jersey 

Restrictive Covenants in New Jersey

Restrictive covenant litigation requires a specific type of restrictive covenant attorney in New Jersey who specializes in such legal obligations. Restrictive covenants in the state of New Jersey are a type of legal obligation that is imposed in a deed by a company or an individual to another individual or company to do or not do something. Such restrictions are frequently non-disclosure agreements, contracts, covenant not to compete, and more. One main type that requires a restrictive covenant attorney in New Jersey involves preventing employees from competing with your business.

Because The Levine Law Firm of New Jersey is sensitive to the monetary cost involved in law suits, our restrictive covenant attorneys in New Jersey will analyze your case, anticipate the outcome, and use previous case knowledge and experience to determine the next steps in resolving the broken covenant. We will devise a plan that is most convenient, efficient and affordable for your. We can then determine if the litigation is necessary; this depends on the details of the case.

The Following are Common Examples of Restrictive Covenants in New Jersey
  • Not to cause a nuisance to your neighbors
  • Not to carry out any building or residential development
  • Not to erect any building or structures on the land
  • Not to use the land for any trade or business activity

The cases provided will not seriously impede the buyer's intended use of the property, and no further action need be taken by the conveyance solicitor, other than informing the buyer of the extent of the covenants and telling him that he has a liability for breach of the restrictive covenants.

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Restrictive Covenant Attorney in NJ | Restrictive Covenants in New Jersey